Difference Between Coupe and Sedan Models

2021 Kia K5 Sedans


Visiting a dealership around Corona, you’ll find many models offering sedan and coupe options. While a notable difference between coupe and sedan models is the number of doors on the vehicle, there are many other differences you should take into consideration when finding the right Kia sedan or Kia Koup for you. Although there are four-door coupes to throw shoppers off, the defining characteristics of sedans vs. coupes are common across the industry. Compare Kia sedans and Kia coupes with Riverside Kia, then be sure to browse our inventory to find a model you’ll love today!



Sedan vs. Coupe: Interior Space

Comparing the differences between a coupe and sedan, you’ll notice the Kia sedan has four doors while a Kia coupe typically has two doors. From there, both are capable of seating up to five passengers while the coupes can also be configured with two-seater options. Let’s take a look at the other size differences between a sedan vs. coupe:

  • Passenger Space: When you’re looking to easily navigate narrow Fontana streets, a coupe tends to have a shorter body, especially as a two-seater. Although, Kia Koup models like the Forte can accommodate five passengers. Transporting passengers in a sedan allows you to seat five passengers with more spacious headroom and legroom options.
  • Interior Volume: Again, the more compact nature of coupe models offers a more intimate driving experience with slightly less interior space than compact sedans, which offer at least 100 cubic feet of interior volume. Mid-size and full-size sedans tend to average between 108-120 cubic feet of cabin space.
  • Cargo Area: Similarly, the longer design of sedans allows for more cargo space for your road trips or weekend errands.

Sedan vs. Coupe: Style and Performance

The differences between a coupe and sedan can vary depending on the make and model. To find the best model for your San Bernardino drives, let’s take a look at other distinctions between Kia sedans and Kia coupes:

  • Exterior Style: Kia coupes can feature a lot of distinct styling options as their shortened nature allows them to include longer doors, longer rear windows, and a sleek or swooping roofline for a sportier look around Corona. Sedans provide a more balanced side profile with shorter doors and traditional window styling.
  • Performance: If you’re looking to grip tight corners around town, a coupe typically offers sportier performance that pairs well with the compact size and lighter weight. On the other hand, the larger weight and size of sedans often lead to more engine options and suspension upgrades to match the sporty performance.

Deciding Between a Kia Sedan and Kia Koup

What do your trips around Fontana look like? If you often have passengers or need more versatile cargo space for your trips around town, a sedan is likely the better choice. However, if you’re often found zipping through the streets and space isn’t a priority, a coupe can give you the thrilling performance you’re looking for. Contact our sales team at Riverside Kia to continue exploring the differences between coupes and sedans.

Explore Kia Sedans and Coupes with Riverside Kia!

No matter which type you prefer, the team at Riverside Kia is here for you. Take home the perfect car for your Riverside commutes by using our vehicle finder service to specify all the design options and features you need for the perfect ride. Then, be sure to take advantage of our new and pre-owned specials.


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