Kia Key Fob Programming

2022 Kia K5 in Sapphire Blue

If you drive a new Kia, you may have questions about its features, including the Kia key fob. If you are wondering how to open a Kia key fob or how to perform a Kia key fob battery replacement, we can help! The team at Riverside Kia has created this helpful guide to Kia key fob programming. 




When you are out and about in Corona, use the lock button on your Kia key fob to:

  • Lock all the doors – Press the button once
  • Set your car’s alarm system – Press this button twice within two seconds (horn will sound)
  • Unlock the driver’s door – Press the “unlock” button once quickly 
  • Unlock all the doors for passengers – Press the “unlock” button twice within two seconds 

Kia also offers a ‘hidden’ key fob feature. When your Kia key fob is in close proximity to your door, all you have to do is put your thumb on the handle to unlock your door. 


Your Kia key fob can also be used to open the trunk or liftgate. 

  • If your vehicle has a trunk or liftgate that has to be opened manually, hold the trunk/liftgate button for more than one second. The trunk will unlock so you can manually open the trunk or liftgate. 
  • If your vehicle has a power trunk or liftgate, press and hold the button to automatically open the trunk or liftgate. You can stop the trunk or liftgate by pressing the button again.

Panic Alarm

If you are in need of assistance in Fontana, you can engage the Kia key fob panic alarm to alert those nearby:

  • Press and hold the “panic” button for a half-second or more to set off the panic alarm.
  • To turn off the alarm, press and hold the button again. 

Low Key Fob Battery

Is it time for a Kia key fob battery replacement? You may be wondering how to open a Kia key fob. If you are in a time crunch in San Bernardino, you can still drive your vehicle. 

  • To start the car, hold the key fob to the remote start button. Push the start button with the key fob and the engine should start. 
  • You can access the mechanical key using the button on the back of your key fob.

Get Help with Your Key Fob at Riverside Kia

Do Kia keys have chips? Do you need to find the right battery for your Kia key fob? Do not hesitate to reach out to the team at the Riverside Kia service center. We would be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We’re here to help with all of your vehicle maintenance needs. 


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