The Updated Kia Soul Will Turn Heads in the Moreno Valley

July 9th, 2020 by

While the original was considered cute, quirky crossover with an underrated level of versatility, there is no mistaking that the new Kia Soul is designed to grab attention. The exterior styling alone is worth a deep dive, as you’re sure to capture more than a few second glances when you first drive your new Soul home through your Fontana or San Bernardino neighborhood.

The side profile looks distinctly different from the prior Soul, and features more aggressive lines that would look as at home on a Range Rover as they do on this small Kia crossover. The rake of the windshield and the sharp drop off of the roof at the rear hatch suggest a sporty take on the small SUV, while the wraparound LED headlights show off a luxurious elegance you may not notice at first glance. The way the side windows taper into a black trim piece that touches the tail lights gives the Soul a completeness that it’s predecessor lacked, and that attention to detail will be something you appreciate over time.

Turning to the front end looks, its clear that the Kia Soul is now taking on all comers, not just those who want something a bit funky in their driveway. While the proportions feel similar, certain touches such as the narrowed headlights and downturned front grille ensure that the latest Kia Soul will appeal to drivers with more traditional tastes as well.

Finally, the rear of the new Kia Soul is perhaps it’s most striking update – a taillight that wraps around nearly the entire rear window, placing the center bulb at the top and sweeping around before curving in and tapering off between the rear window and the license plate cutout. Not only will this detail catch attention, but it shows that the Soul has still retained some of that quirky nature that made it a hit in the first place.

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